What I adore in life are the things that make me happy, no matter what. When it comes to those specific things for me fitness is obviously one of them, yet this site was also meant for me to explore other aspects of my life in a written form like writing about my favourite restaurants... Continue Reading →

My Day At The Gym-Full Body Workout

For the last three months or so, my lifestyle has changed quite dramatically when it comes to my fitness. I have always been an athletic girl plying sports since I was 10, training for the next basketball season or going on runs to keep my general fitness somewhat intact. However, recently due to a push... Continue Reading →

Food Is Always The Answer

One of my most guilty pleasures in life is FOOD! If you know me, you would know that I live for my family, fitness and food. I am always thinking of new creations that I can conjure up in the kitchen, finding new recipes to attempt and generally thinking about what my next meal will... Continue Reading →

To Begin Or Not To Begin…

I guess that really is the question isn't it? What is the point of writing down my thoughts and feelings, to express myself to an empty screen, it really all seems a bit silly doesn't it! Yet, when I truly think about it, there really is nothing to lose therefore, one really must always begin. I am... Continue Reading →

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