Strong, fit and healthy- it can’t be that hard right?

I’ve been a basketball player since I was 12 years old where the love of running and adrenaline became instantly addicting to me. It was only really in my late teens did I start regularly going to the gym to enhance my ability on the court. However, when it came to what exercises I should be doing I really had no idea what to do but I still tried to give it all I had.

“…the love of running and adrenaline became instantly addicting to me”

The gym drew me in similarly to that of basketball, due to that feeling that over comes you after a good workout. Those who know what I am taking about know how valuable that feeling is. The feeling of endorphins running through your body increases your physical and mental health as well as allowing a feeling of accomplished that makes you fly into the day. It really is the main reason of why I exercise and I am sure is the same for many of you out there.

 For the better part of 5 years now I have been making the gym my priority as sadly due to injury, basketball moved slowly out of the picture. However, when I say 5 years, this is definitely not without its period of neglect, hate and lack of motivation.

It wasn’t really until 2 years ago when I decided to join the craze of being a BBG girl with Kayla Itsines’ program did I find my niche. My boyfriend at the time was away for the summer, most of my friends were travelling the globe and I was at home with the cat looking for something that I could sink my teeth into for a few months. After doing some research, talking to a friend who had done Kayla as well as trying to psych myself up to finally do something for myself, I decided to jump in whole heartedly. 

“I was…looking for something that I could sink my teeth into for a few months”

Knowing my fitness level was somewhat ok I jumped straight into the guides, dedicating myself everyday to making myself better in terms of my exercise, what food I was eating, my general mind set, everything. As corny as that sounds, that really was the plan for me all along. I wanted to do the program not so I would lose 10kg or to say I was joining a fad, but simply to say that I stuck to a fitness program for the whole summer and whatever “transformations” happened at the end simply happened due to my dedication to me. At the end of all the burpees, crying sessions and self doubt, to be honest, I did not see much difference in my physical appearance. However, I cannot give enough praise to the BBG program for my increased endurance, positive mind set and overall fitness level which is a massive win. That in itself taught me the power of being in a mindset for yourself and no one but yourself and the possible goals you can accomplish- who knew right!

Ever since that summer, I vowed I would keep going. I had made it through a summer of BBG and seriously succeeded so therefore there really wasn’t anything I couldn’t put my mind to (again, corny I know!). As uni rolled around, I found it hard to keep up with my second round of BBG therefore my fitness did drop off again. I tried my best to get a run in a few times a week as well as some weight sessions influenced by BBG, but nothing really worth noting. 

“…therefore there really wasn’t anything I couldn’t put my mind to”

Yet as I said before, I did fall off the track and only realize now that it is quite normal to go up, down and all around when it comes to fitness. Life gets in the way and I have honestly only learned recently that that is ok! We can’t be superheroes all the time. 

After I slacked through my final semester of uni, I knew I was going to go at it again the day after I graduated. I was so excited to focus on myself again whole heartedly and think of no one but myself, as sometimes I have learned, you do have to be a bit selfish. I am proud to say that literally the day after I received my diploma I was back at the gym, working on new programs for myself, assessing my fitness goals as well as finally putting my physical and mental health first again. 

” Life gets in the way…we can’t be superheroes all the time.”

Ever since then in early December, it has become my passion to look after myself again. At this moment in time, I try and get 1-2 workouts a day in that focus on my cardio as well as strengthening to allow myself to be the best it can be (I am sure I will be writing another post about what I specifically do at the gym to allow for some hints from the blogosphere at what I can be doing better!).

Strong, fit and healthy- it can’t be that hard right? I know I have a long way to go, and I know there are such things as progression and regression. However, now that I have decided to take a year off before starting my Masters I know that this will be the year and I mean it when I say a FULL YEAR of dedicating everything to myself and my goals. I am known to be the person who takes care of everyone else before myself and to be honest I feel like my quality of life has suffered. This is the year to focus on myself, to accomplish things I want to do and to finally be selfish for once!

“Strong, fit and healthy- it can’t be that hard right?”

I hope this shows anyone who is still trying to get themselves psyched up about going to the gym today or whether they should pick the healthy option for dinner that this isn’t a one day approach. All I can say is that changing your perspective on your physical well being is not something that can just be done out of the blue, which I am sure you all know. It IS a lifestyle change and it DOES take time. If it didn’t everyone would do it and it would not be nearly as rewarding as it is. I have only just begun my journey again but all I know is that you can have the mindset and goals for yourself but the only way that any of it will become remotely true is to take that first step towards that uncomfortable feeling, push through and come out the other side a new you!

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  1. Love your dedication! Please keep the posts going, I need this kind of motivation to keep me in check! Congrats on your diploma – must be so exiting to have time for yourself!

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