The Weekend Getaway- Mornington and Wilson’s Prom

The blue skies of a crisp day, the lapping sounds of the waves coming in to meet the sand and the warmth of the sun warming my skin is something I dream about when I run away to the beach. This weekend we decided to take a trip down to Wilson’s Prom for a weekend of animal spotting, beautiful weather and bright blue water. Well, in conclusion, there was no good weather, no animal spotting and a bucket load of rain!

We started the weekend stopping down at the Mornington Peninsula as my family has only recently moved there. I knew somewhat of the area but did not realise the sheer beauty the beach possesses especially when the weather was so perfect. The bright blue, clear water only confirmed my initial thoughts especially as I licked the salt from my lips as we got out of the rock pools only 5 minutes from my family’s house. Even though this weekend was meant to be a break from any diet or workout regime that was in tact, we ended up doing a beach workout and run that ended with a refreshing swim in the ocean of course- again, simple bliss.

After spending Friday and Saturday in what seemed like ultimate paradise, we made our way down to Wilson’s Prom just before night fall. We ended up staying at a caravan park right on the water. What was so astounding to me though, even after spending a better part of 6 years in Melbourne, was finding out how quickly the weather can change. By the time we made it to our camp spot, the big, dark clouds had started to roll in and the temperature dropped so substantially making us realise that maybe an extra jacket should have made it into our luggage. We ended up spending the night meeting other travellers, eating, drinking and laughing ourselves silly to the point where we were so tired that bed was welcomed with open arms. The temperature in fact dropped so much that we ended up sleeping in the car with blankets and pillows which ultimately made it all quite comfortable!

The next morning, we rose nice and early to be greeted with nothing but fog and rain-joy! We packed everything up and decided that we weren’t going to let weather stop us from our adventure. Our first stop on our list was to head to Squeaky Beach. Again, the rain started to come in and the temperature was continually dropping. All rugged up we braved the weather and headed for the beach at a fast pace to help keep the blood circulating! After some snappy snaps and a bit of rock climbing it was way too cold to stay outside so back we went! By this time, we were all so tired and cold that we saw no point in staying any further especially when you couldn’t see anything because of all the fog!

On the way back, we decided to stop by Phillip Island for some food and again was taken in by the beautiful blue ocean. In the end, the trip was one that did not consist of much, yet housed many beautiful memories that again confirms my love of the open landscapes and beaches.

One thing I am excited for in the next few weeks is that  I am moving down to Mornington to move back in with my family for a few month before I jet set across to Europe. While I have only seen Mornington properly for the first time this past weekend, I am already hooked in its natural beauty that I can not wait to move! In terms of my workouts I plan to transfer some to the beach as well as sample all the local produce ten times over. It will be a fantastic move for me and I can’t wait!

If you haven’t made it down to the peninsula I truly recommend it as the beauty and food culture that roam such an area is something that is so desirable to all. One of the best weekend getaways there is!

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