Food Is Always The Answer

One of my most guilty pleasures in life is FOOD! If you know me, you would know that I live for my family, fitness and food. I am always thinking of new creations that I can conjure up in the kitchen, finding new recipes to attempt and generally thinking about what my next meal will be…while I finish another meal.

When it comes to eating healthily, I am very lucky in that I love healthy food and honestly prefer it as my body has become so accustomed to it. So much so that I feel quite pathetic to confess that my favourite singular food item is probably broccoli or sweet potato- I know, I know!

On the contrary, other then the last three months or so, sweets were the things that I craved. I love to bake and for some reason sweets were always my forte which therefore led to the abundance of them around the house. There wasn’t a weekend when I was home with the family in which I did not bake a delicious tart, cinnamon rolls or some sort of layer cake. It is really only since I have been on this epic fitness kick again have I turned away from sugar yet I feel when I move home in a few weeks, that might change!

Unfortunately, when it  comes to food now, my cravings are usually not of sweetness but of salt. Yet, I have no intention of ignoring these cravings as life is too short to not eat the food we want! However when I saw this, there is obviously a balance that must be kept as well as portion sizes maintained to allow for this way of thinking and fitness progression to work together. For example, throughout the day, I try to push myself to eat as healthily as I can to allow for any salty slip ups that may happen along the way.

That being said, this post was simply to amplify the fact that we do not have to be so regimented in our decisions with food as food should be just as inspiring as the results we wish to see at the end of our fitness journeys-but I guess do they ever really end? All we need is a balance between the good and the bad as well as giving our body the necessary food it needs to be able to train at its best.

Food is something that should be enjoyable, fun and creative, not a chore. The repercussions of eating the same food everyday that we think we should be eating, could ultimately push us one step closer to giving up on our fitness goals. Balance is the ultimate key and one that should never be neglected. Now go take a bite of that brownie you have been thinking about for the last half hour!


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