My Day At The Gym-Full Body Workout

For the last three months or so, my lifestyle has changed quite dramatically when it comes to my fitness. I have always been an athletic girl plying sports since I was 10, training for the next basketball season or going on runs to keep my general fitness somewhat intact. However, recently due to a push of motivation from a close friend, the two of us have been taking our training sessions to a new level, and I absolutely love it.

Before, my week would consist of roughly 3 runs and 2 sessions at the gym, which allowed me to feel partly on top of my fitness and weight. Now, if a day goes by without going to the gym I feel sluggish and almost as if I am cheating myself! Now, I go to the gym 6-7 days a week, sometimes even getting two sessions in throughout the day and have never felt so proud of myself when it comes to looking after my body as well as fuelling something I have a passion for.

“Now, if a day goes by without going to the gym I feel sluggish…”

Throughout the week now, my sessions will be some sort of combination of cardio and weights every day. Each comprises of a different set of muscles being worked but I mostly get my joy from long full body workouts which grace my timetable almost every day. The majority look something like this…

Full Body Workout (10 reps, 3 sets)

  • Legs
    • Deadlifts
    • Goblet Squats
    • Bulgarian Split Squats
    • Modified Pistol Squats
  • Upper Body
    • Negative Assisted Pull Ups
    • Push Ups
    • Lat Pull Downs
    • Assisted Pull Ups
  • Core
    • Horizontal Cable Woodchop
    • Flutterkicks
    • Leg Raises
    • Plank
    • Swiss Ball Plank Circle
  • Legs
    • Resistance Band Squats
    • Bench Jump Squat
    • Jump Squat

This is by far one of my favourite workouts, since at the end you have accomplished so much! With this workout I really notice how much stronger I am progressively getting and could even start pushing out my reps or even take away some exercises to really focus on furthering my set number. I guess all will become clear with further training!

After I tackle this workout, I try and get a bit of cardio in even though the workout takes so long. On a heavy day , such as with this workout, I try to either run/Stairmaster for just 15 minutes, nothing too horrible. However, on days that are a little less intense I try to get minimum 30 minutes of running/Stairmaster or even 20 minutes of high intensity sprints in just to keep on top of my cardio.

“…how much stronger I am progressively getting…”

Finally, when this major workout is done after roughly 1.5 hours I always make sure to hydrate as well as feed my exhausted body! I am one of those people who cannot eat anything before going to the gym otherwise I just feel too sick! That being said on a weights/cardio day I do have pre-workout to get my going which is usually more than enough to tie me over until after my workout. Because of this, post-workout food time is my favourite! This is because it usually consists of some sort of berry protein shake and some delicious salad as I usually do my work out in the morning. Now after my yummy feast, I know I am set up for the day which is why I love working out in the morning as well as being able to taking my time doing it (that is of course if I have that time).

This change in routine was something that I was not sure about tackling as I was not sure how much time I would be able to dedicate to it. That being said, in hindsight, there is always time to dedicate to yourself, especially when it changes your lifestyle. I wake up every morning thinking about what workout I am going to do that day and what food I am going to devour after. It is something that has changed my lifestyle and for that I am so grateful.


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