What I adore in life are the things that make me happy, no matter what. When it comes to those specific things for me fitness is obviously one of them, yet this site was also meant for me to explore other aspects of my life in a written form like writing about my favourite restaurants or places I would like to travel. That being said, that sort of thing will eventually come, however right now I feel incredibly proud of myself and I need to share it with the world!

I have always been an athlete therefore my love for my personal fitness was brought upon me through sport. However, it was only about 3-4 years ago did I take a very narrow approach to my fitnessย in that I focused on the gym and not necessarily sport. Through those 3-4 years I can say that even though I had my ups and down, periods of strong and negligible dedication, I can proudly say that I have come far from when I started.

I recently found a photo of myself at my first day of university, 19 years old and incredibly nervous. It is funny reminiscing on what you thought you knew in the past as well as appreciating how much you have come to know. University was a tough time for me, yet now having graduated I am appreciative for the general skills I have learnt throughout my degree. That being said what caught my eye in this photo was my physical difference and for that I am so proud. As some of you may know, as you look at your body after a few weeks or months of continual working out, sometimes you see no personal differences in your physical appearance. Even to this day, after continually working out for the better part of a few years I still couldn’t really see a difference until I saw this photo compared to myself only a few weekends ago.

This post is a very short one, yet I wanted to highlight a large part of anyone’s fitness journey if you are brave enough to start one. If you are dedicated and want to better your body, it will happen. Even though you my not see it in a certain moment, strong will and sticking to a plan will alter your body for the better! This whole process is extremely hard and as it should be, otherwise everyone would do it! I look very different in my comparing photo yet I am no where near done and you honestly never should be. Always trying to better yourself is a trait that should be admired and celebrated when milestones are hit! Just remember to keep going, it will pay off in the end, trust me!



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